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Operational response

We rely on our volunteers to provide on-the-ground support in emergencies, from responding to natural disasters such as flood, storm, tsunami and earthquake, to supporting other emergency service organisations.

  • Are you willing to be on call via pager 24/7?
  • Are you willing to work in a team?
  • Are you willing to undertake further training to enhance your skills?


Your local WASES unit is looking for people to be trained to respond to:

  • Storm damage
  • Trees down on houses/cars
  • Trees over roads
  • Damage to property from severe weather
  • Flooding
  • Road, rail, industrial and air rescue
  • Assisting other emergency services such as Police, Fire and Ambulance


Operational roles

There are three critical operational roles in a unit:

  • Incident Management
  • Crew Leader
  • Crew member

Incident management

WASES attends to incidents from small to large. Incident management teams provide essential support to crews in the field with the use of Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System (AIIMS). You may be providing leadership to anywhere from five to 625 volunteers in the field.

Crew leader

Crew leaders provide management and advice to the members of his or her crew when they are working on a job. Crew leaders are instrumental in directing and managing their crew to achieve a common goal.

Crew memeber

Do you want to be the person operating the chainsaw late at night, freeing a trapped person in a motor vehicle collision or climbing over a roof to effect temporary repairs? Can you work safely in extreme weather conditions or under time constraints? This could be you

Become a volunteer

To learn about our units or to register your interest in becoming a volunteer with us, find your nearest WASES unit and submit an enquiry using our online form.