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WASES Media Line

Media representatives can contact the WASES Media Line on 1300 783 933 between the hours of 6am and 10pm, seven days a week.

Between 10pm and 6am you will be given the option to leave a non-urgent message for the State Media Duty Officer (SMDO). For urgent enquiries, please call back from 6am.

During large-scale emergencies, the WASES Media Line will be available 24 hours.

State Media Duty Officer

The SMDO is able to assist media representatives with news, information and spokespeople during the specified times above.

For media specific information regarding our core and support roles, please view our Media Reference Guide:


When SES is the control agency, spokespeople can generally comment on:

  • Overall response activities
  • The location of affected areas
  • Type of damage
  • The number of SES units active
  • The type of roles being undertaken by volunteers
  • Rescues
  • Evacuations

SES spokespeople cannot generally comment on:

  • Causes of accidents, incidents or emergencies
  • Deaths or injuries
  • Financial value of damage

Things to keep in mind when reporting on SES:

  • SES personnel should be referred to as ‘SES volunteers’ rather than ‘SES workers’ or ‘SES members’
  • Key safety messages are an important part of SES media releases and information – please broadcast them where possible
  • Where possible, ensure vision and images accompanying SES media items are consistent with SES information and do not undermine safety messages or emergency warnings