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Experience shows that those who plan and prepare for emergencies can reduce the impact of the emergency, and can recover quicker afterwards.

Taking the time to think about emergencies and making a plan helps you to think clearly, have a greater sense of control, and make better decisions when an emergency occurs.

Your local information

The Western Australia State Emergency Service (WASES) has developed a number of flood guides (for residents and business owners) and emergency plans (for municipalities) to explain local flood risks for communities at risk and advise on how to prepare for and respond to flood events. View your local information.

What if I have special needs?

If you have special needs, you need to think carefully about your plan. If you have a carer or council support, ask them how to help you prepare or check over your plan. Start by thinking about:

  • Whether you will need help to leave your home
  • Having a pre-arranged safer place to stay
  • Whether you will need to take any special equipment with you
  • Whether you will need an alternative power source to run life-support equipment.

Hazard-specific information